Bud Light “Real American Heroes” and “Real Men of Genius” Parodies!

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Oh, my gosh, I can’t stop laughing!

If you’re a fan of the Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" and "Real American Heroes" commercials, then you’re gonna LOVE this guy’s stuff…

(I just happened upon it when searching for the latest Bud Light Real Men of Genius ad: "Mr. Gasoline Barbeque Grill Man Starter".)

A true hero himself, Jeremy Gilby (…who calls his site "A delightful alternative to 404 Not Found") goes above and beyond "hero" status in my book, by creating his very own "Real Men of Genius" and "Real American Heroes" parodies.

And, with the help of Stinkin Rick, he’s even managed to record and put some of them into .mp3 format for hours of pure listening enjoyment.

Kudos to Jeremy Gilby for thinking outside the box on this one…

Here’s a sampler:

  • Here, you’ll find: “Mr. MP3 Format Inventor,” Mr. Bud Light Beer Brewmeister,” “Mr. Real-Men-Of-Genius Announcer Guy,” “Mr. Personal Domain Name Owner,” “Mr. L.A. County Lawsuit Guy,” “Mr. Annoying Telemarketing Company Guy,” “Mr. Cubicle Jungle Dweller,” “Mr. Down-And-Out-Panhandler Guy,” “Mr. Jeremy Gilby Dot Com Regular Visitor,” “Mr. American League Designated Hitter,” and “Mr. Urinal Cake Distributor Guy.”
  • Here is where you’ll find “Mr. Former Iraqi Dictator,” “Mr. Democratic Presidential Hopeful,” “Mr. Colonel and Commander in Chief,” “Mr. Rick Leon CD Artist,” “Mr. Search Engine Abuser Guy,” and “Mr. Real Men of Genius Parody Writer.”
  • Here you’ll find “Mr. Internal Technologies Guy,” “Mr. Secret Foreign Leader Constituent,” “Mr. Reply-to-All One-Liner Guy,” “Mr. Grammatically-Incorrect Protester Guy,” “Mr. Daylight Saving Time Endorsement Guy,” and “Mr. Bar-B-Que Grillmaster Guy.”
  • And finally, here is where you’ll find “Mr. George Bush Voter,” and here is where you’ll find “Mr. Google Search Adventurer” and “Mr. MP3 Downloading Guy”.
  • …Too, too funny!

    Thanks to Jeremy and Rick for giving us hours of smiles and laughter.

    Cheers, guys. The next Bud Light is on me:

    Click for more Bud Light Real Men of Genius radio ads - mp3

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