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How To See Natural Bridge State Park In Virginia

I’ve been to a lot of parks in my time, but none like Natural Bridge State Park in Virginia. The Natural Bridge is taller than the Statue of Liberty (without its pedestal), and taller than Niagara Falls!
Natural Bridge is a striking creation of Mother Nature and is one of the most significant geological formations in the United States — right up there with the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Niagara Falls in New York, and Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Here’s what I liked best about my visit to Virginia’s Natural Bridge… and my best tips that you should read before you go!

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8 Ways To Determine Your Baby’s Position In The Womb Right Now

As your pregnancy progresses, it becomes easier to determine the different baby positions your little one is enjoying inside the womb. Here are the most common signs that indicate your baby’s fetal position at any given moment. Yes, you can look for these yourself to determine your baby’s position right now!

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