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Little-known facts and behind-the-scenes info about popular movies and TV shows. We watch movies a LOT! Our favorites are true stories, reality TV, comedy, and drama / suspense movies. These are some of the most interesting things we’ve learned about random movies. Enjoy!

Remember old PBS kids shows of the 1970s, 1980s & 1990s? This post brings them all back, complete with videos of your favorite old school PBS kids TV shows!

What are the best Super Bowl ads of all time? Here are 20 of our top picks, including the 1984 MacIntosh ad, Mean Joe Greene & Coke, and more classics!

Everybody has a favorite Disney song. Is yours in this list of 25 classic Disney music moments in animated feature films?

You (and your kids) will enjoy watching these old school Sesame Street videos online. Hours of fun - and FREE - entertainment!

A list of the worst network decisions in TV history, according to Entertainment Weekly. NBC's late-night fiasco between Jay Leno's & Conan O'Brien's shows topped the list.

I'm glad I saw these movies without hearing about them first. I like to have an open mind and be aware of others' points-of-views & how they impact mainstream America.

Blockbuster video has been around for a long time. By striving to stay a step ahead of the competition, they've been able to make videos convenient and cost-effective.

Here are some of the modern, high-tech ways that you can rent movies these days... whether you have a computer or a TV.

My review of the movie My Kid Could Paint That - a controversial documentary about 4-year-old Marla Olmstead. She has had her artwork scrutinized by everyone under the sun.