‘Real’ Life Art: 3D Sidewalk Art From Master Street Painters

A taste of Julius Beever's sidewalk art... This is a small portion of his virtual street art called 'Rembrandt'. Julian Beever is a sidewalk artist.

What makes his work different than other street painters?… His drawings have “anamorphic illusions” — which means that the images are drawn in such a way that they appear 3-D when viewed from a certain angle.

…prepare to be amazed!

Some of the coolest art around:

View Julian Beever’s 3D Sidewalk Art

See more at Julian Beever’s official website


Other Famous Street Artists

The following master street painters use similar “dimensional” effects in their street paintings:


How To Do Street Painting

If you’re an aspiring street painter yourself, or you just want to get a better idea of how these master street painters do it, here are some of the basics:

How To Do Street Painting


Seaside Larger Than Life Artwork

As another example of artwork with a unique dimension, check out photos from the Sculpture By The Sea exhibit in Sidney Australia:

(Thanks to Suzie and Richard for the heads up on these great artists!


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