1000 Words From Iraq: Soldiers’ Personal Journals

A young U.S. Army soldier journals about her experiences in Iraq.

Blair is a 22-year-old female soldier who spent a year in Iraq as part of the team of U.S. Military fighting for our freedom.

She shares some of her behind-the-scenes experiences in this very personal blog.

Originally from Minnesota, she’s safe at home in Tallahassee, Florida now, while continuing to journal in her blog about her life post-Iraq and the planning of her wedding to a guy who’s still serving with the Marines.

In her own words: “My parents have never supported my decision to join the military and have not supported anything that I’ve done involving it. But the very fact that there are people here who can be unsupportive shows the great strength of our democracy and the reason countries all over the world strive to be like us.”

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