Military: Support Our Troops

Unique ways to share random acts of kindness with U.S. Military Soldiers. Whether you know someone who’s in the military and you want to send them a care package, or you’re looking for a U.S. soldier to send a package to… start here!

Get Your Free ‘Flat Daddy’

Flat Mommies and Flat Daddies are showing up everywhere! What are they? Life-size, 2-dimensional cardboard cutouts images of deployed service men and women. Military families are encouraged to get their free Flat Daddy or Flat Mommy today!

A Soldier’s Story: Military Blogs

In honor of our U.S. military men and women — from yesterday and today — I spent the day reading through military blogs. I’ve done this before, but I felt especially patriotic reading through them again on Veterans Day. Some of the most heart-felt blogs I’ve ever read were written by service men and women in the U.S. Military. I’ve been keeping a list of my favorites. Now it’s time to share…