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Following are the 5 best ingredients to look for and how they work to improve your skin, plus additional info about other anti-aging ingredients that seem to work really well!

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Here's how to measure bra size yourself better than a bra fitter! (Based on your bra band size & bra cup size)

Remember the ear piercing scene in Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan? That's how I pierced my ears! Here's how to pierce your ears safely at home.

When watching beauty pageants & admiring the contestants, have you ever wondered what some of their secret beauty tips are? Here are some interesting beauty secrets from Miss America and other beauty contestants that will probably surprise you!

See how I use an everyday silicone pot holder to keep my hot curling iron from touching things that could melt or burn (on the countertop & in my suitcase).

3-in-1 bubble bath is THE best bubble bath I have ever used!!! And, by the looks of things, apparently, I'm not alone. Here's why...

A fitness expert says to put a pencil beneath your butt cheek, up next to your thigh (like in this video) to see if you need a Brazillian Butt Lift or not.

Indoor tanning lotions are VERY different from typical suntan lotions for use outdoors. The best indoor tanning lotions + The pros and cons of using them.

As the mom of a toddler, I have a few clever tricks for child-proofing your home. See my favorite child proof products to protect a curious toddler from drawers, cabinets, doors, refrigerators, toilets, trash cans, and more.