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Summer Bucket List: 150+ Fun (Crazy) Things To Do In The Summer For Adults

The following list of 150+ summer fun activities for adults was inspired by a segment from The Late Show with David Letterman.

He mentioned a few ideas from this great book, Summer: A User’s Guide.

Here’s a sampler of fun activities for adults from the book:

  • Make a rope swing.
  • Build a huge sandcastle.
  • Make tie-dye shirts.
  • Squeeze fresh lemonade.
  • Rent a kayak.

Then, David Letterman shared some ideas that he came up with for fun things to do in the summertime, like…

  • Don’t stay inside watching television. Move the TV into the yard.
  • Go door-to-door, checking neighbors for ticks.
  • Apply masking tape before sunbathing, to give yourself slimming, vertical-striped tan lines.
  • Swim naked in a shopping mall fountain.
  • Catch, field dress, and grill a raccoon.
  • Continue searching for Jimmy Hoffa.
  • Pick up a hitchhiker and bring him to your clambake.
  • Put a bikini on your kitty.
  • Fake a slip-and-fall injury at your local pool.
  • Attend a professional baseball game, or a Mets game.

Interesting. And some are quite funny!

150+ Summer Fun Activities For Adults

Looking for more fun things to do in the summertime?

We here at The Fun Times Guide have come up with a list of over 150 crazy things to do with friends — or alone.

Add these to your summer bucket list!…

Indoor Summer Activities For Adults

  1. Look for valuable coins in your coin jar (plus 59 other things to do indoors when you’re bored).
  2. Go to a music event and make a point of meeting a famous singer/songwriter there.
  3. Spend the day doing things that don’t cost a cent.
  4. Collect all of your spare change. Then, at the end of the summer, cash in your change at CoinStar and get something fun. Or use it to pay for things and feel the joy when you’re able to pay for something with the exact change.
  5. Attempt a DIY project. (No one’s watching!)
  1. Spend an entire day lounging around in your PJs doing whatever you want to do, regardless of your bedhead.
  2. Write a letter to your current or future child. Be sure to include these important things.
  3. Turn seashellsstarfish, and sand dollars into wind chimes or decorative garland.
  4. Make a list of things to do when you’re bored.
  5. Find a new hairstyle to try by flipping through magazines or hairstyle apps. (TIP: Here’s how to grow out short hair and cut your own bangs.)
  6. Start posting regularly on Instagram. If you share everything that there is to share about a very specific topic you’re interested in, you might become an Instagram influencer!
  7. Create an idea notebook for your dream home.
  8. Write a novel or short story.
  9. Organize all of your photos — both the digital ones and the printed ones.
  10. Do something that’s earth-friendly for a change.
  11. Change the way you tie your shoelaces.
  12. Try doing everyday routine things in new ways — change how you peel a bananaclose a bag of chipsreuse old board games.
  13. Write a heartfelt letter to your future self — it will be insightful (and funny) to read it years later! (If you write it online, the letter will automatically be emailed to you on a date you choose!)
  14. Get fit and toned while doing your regular, everyday activities with simple Nano Workouts.
  15. Quit your job to pursue whatever you’re truly passionate about. (I did.) Here’s why you should do it and how to prepare for the day you quit.
  16. Read a book, then see the movie.
  1. Pursue a new hobby — like photography, playing a guitar, or scrapbooking. Who knows, you may even find a way to turn your hobby into a small business! (Here are some ideas to consider… and more here.)
  2. Play multi-player games by yourself.
  3. Contact an old friend to chat about the past… and the present.
  4. Attend the midnight premiere of a movie. (And here are some reasons to make friends in line!)
  5. Buy a new pillow — maybe even one of those fancy specialty pillows. (I love my Hampton Inn hotel pillows. My husband likes the My Pillow. I do like the My Pillow travel pillow.)
  6. Plant an indoor herb garden. Here are 10 herbs that can grow indoors year-round.
  7. Get a tattoo. Some simple ideas for your first tattoo.
  8. Have a yard sale. (You’ll declutter your house and make some money at the same time! Here are my best yard sale tips for the highest profits.
  9. Start a gratitude journal. TIP: Modernize it by using Evernote as your online digital journal. Then, automate it by using IFTTT to remind you every morning (or evening).
  10. Buy a digital photo frame and fill it with your favorite pictures.
  11. Get your body toned quickly with Tone Your Arms In 7 Days, Dr. Oz’s 7-Minute Morning Workout, and this Belly, Butt & Thighs Workout.
  12. Read scripture. (Here are 10 reasons to read from the bible every day.)
  13. Treat yourself to a manicure and/or pedicure, or spend the day at a spa. Even better if you can get your spouse to go with you!
  14. Write a letter to your spouse. (Here are 40 good examples to get you started.)
  15. Make a time capsule by gathering items that document this day or this year… then bury them! Don’t open til a special day in the future.
  16. Look for a fun job or volunteer project… doing something that you’re truly passionate about. Here are 30 national organizations across the U.S. seeking volunteers. And here’s how to find somewhere to volunteer locally.
  17. Turn off your computer, email, and phone for the day and find other things to focus on. At the very least, turn off the TV for an entire day/week/month — here’s why you should do it.
  18. Play classic board games. Or card games.
  19. Dance like no one’s watching.
  1. Print one of your favorite photos, enlarge it to poster size, then hang it.
  2. Meet a new person today at random. Here’s how to do it without being creepy.
  3. Go to the store and browse or buy 3 to 5 fun magazines on whatever topic interests you. Then spend some time exploring fun, new ideas.
  4. Flirt with someone (even if it’s your spouse). Here’s how to flirt, step-by-step.
  5. Spend a long time popping bubble wrap.
  6. Have a movie marathon at home… watch an entire TV series on Netflix.
  7. Start a blog. Here are some blogging tips from the Minimalists, some insider tips for rookies, and simple tips to get started.
  8. Do something crafty.
  9. Clean something you don’t normally clean — like the deck, the garage, the windowsills, or clean your down pillows. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling a huge clump of hair out of the drain when you didn’t even realize it was draining slowly!
  10. Serve someone special breakfast in bed.
  11. Go to the library (…especially fun if you haven’t been inside a library in ages!)
  12. Work on a puzzle. Here are some jigsaw puzzle tips & strategies.
  13. Do something that’s completely out of your comfort zone for a change.
  14. Start a journal — and write in it every day.
  15. Go to an improv comedy club (where you’ll likely be included in the skits) or a stand-up comedy club (where your chances of being noticed in the crowd are much slimmer). Better yet: sign up for improv comedy classes… it’s good for your health!
  16. Spend Saturday mornings watching cartoons and comparing them to your favorite cartoons as a child… like these classic old PBS kids shows.
  17. Gather things to donate to charity. Be sure to keep track of your donations and get a receipt for your tax records! Whatever you do… don’t “almost give”.
  1. Conquer your fear — whether you have a fear of riding roller coasters, a fear of bridges, or any other fear! Here’s how to do it. Four more great tips here.
  2. Create a Facebook Page or a Pinterest account (for yourself or your business) — you might find some more clients and/or new friends with similar interests.
  3. Get to know your TV remote control and what every single button does. (Bet you’ll find some handy shortcuts!)
  4. Buy a new smartphone and have fun exploring all that your phone can do. Here are 20 things you didn’t know your smartphone could do.
  5. Write your will… and make sure it’s legal and binding.
  6. Do a random act of kindness for someone else. Here are 50 random acts of kindness, plus 50 more.
  7. Go bowling and enjoy all of the unique bowling celebrations that people do there.
  8. Take a photo every day to document your life for a year… for just the summer… or for the rest of your life. Here are some everyday life photo ideas.
  9. Write a handwritten letter to a friend or relative. Add a stamp and mail it. You know how good that feels.
  10. Make a difference in someone else’s life today.
  11. Watch the movie The Bucket List. Then make a bucket list for the rest of your life. Here’s why everyone needs a bucket list.
  12. Make your own digital photo frame (for FREE) using an old laptop.
  13. Start a club based on something you’re interested in with neighbors and/or friends.
  14. Instead of a gratitude journal, make a Happiness Jar and fill it with random things that spark joy in your life.

Outdoor Summer Activities For Adults

  1. Try to identify stars & planets in the sky while stargazing from a fun location like a trampoline, the roof, or a boat dock.
  2. Sit in the hot tub while it’s raining (but NOT if there’s lightning).
  3. Pitch a tent in your backyard and camp there for the night. Here are 10 ways to make it memorable. (TIP: The official Great American Backyard Campout takes place every June.)
  4. Go for a hot air balloon ride.
  5. Have a photo shoot at home where you or someone else takes pictures of you & your family in different outfits and poses.
  6. Attend a professional sports event.
  7. When you’re sitting out in the sun, make silly tan lines.
  8. Put a Slip ‘n Slide (or large tarp) on a hill, turn on the water hose, and be a kid again.
  1. Take a walking tour of your own town or a nearby town. Here are 3 reasons to do it now.
  2. Swim with dolphins — it’s good for you! Here are lots of places you can swim with dolphins.
  3. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity project or some other community volunteer project. (I have… and I’ll never forget those experiences.)
  4. Wash your car in the driveway. Did you know that you can even use a pressure washer?!
  5. Give a homeless person a gift. Here’s what they really want. Here are 8 things under $10 the homeless really need. And here’s how to help the homeless when you’re on a budget.
  6. Watch a sunrise and a sunset within 24 hours. Here are some tips for photographing sunrises and sunsets.
  7. Plant a butterfly garden.
  8. Take pictures with unique perspectives using real objects and people in your photos.
  9. Set up a few bird feeders with different types of bird seed  to attract different types of birds. (TIP: We’ve learned the best birdseed to keep squirrels and black birds / grackles away is Safflower seed — NOT sunflower seeds!)
  10. Buy a hammock, hang it in a fun place, then find some good books to read.
  11. Go skydiving.
  12. Spend the day trying to photobomb as many pictures as possible. (Best if done in a crowded place.)
  13. Run in a half-marathon. Here’s how to be ready in only 6 months.
  14. Dance without being noticed… in public! (A challenge originally started by Ellen.) And just for fun… you’ve gotta watch the Evolution of Dance.
  15. Go camping… in a tent, complete with campfire, smores, bug spray, and flip flops. (Don’t forget to make your own campfire starters!)
  16. Start a raised bed garden.
  17. Swing like a kid again at the local park and try to get that feeling in your stomach when you go really high. Or just swing on your porch swing. Don’t have one? Then make your own simple porch swing.
  1. Pick flowers. Did you know there are actually u-pick flower patches in some states?
  2. Go people watching — at the beach, the mall, or other public places. These days it’s considered self-care and improves your mental health. (Here’s how to people watch at work… it’s called “the art of reading the room.”)
  3. Fly a kite.
  4. Play backyard games.
  5. Go to the zoo. Lots of adults go to zoos without kids. Use it as an opportunity to test your photography skills.
  6. Toss a frisbee. Even better: look up a local frisbee golf park in your area, and give that a try!
  7. Plant a tree.
  8. Have a backyard bonfire.
  9. Take a walk before breakfast and/or after dinner.
  10. Go to the beach. Make mermaid tails in the sand!
  11. Sleep on the porch all night under the stars. (It’s actually “a thing.”) Here’s how to make your porch cozy.
  12. Run through a DIY sprinkler in your yard — using a simple pool noodle.
  13. Blow bubbles. For added excitement, make glow-in-the-dark bubbles!
  14. Watch a sunrise on the beach… or a sunset. There’s nothing like seeing it from the water’s edge!
  15. Play outside after dark.
  16. Take a Segway tour in your town or a nearby town. (I did it… and had a blast!)

 Crazy Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer

  1. Take funny pictures of your pets (or kids) with different props.
  2. Make no-sew orthopedic dog beds yourself.
  3. Sign up for dog training classes in person or for free online — so your dog will have better manners. Or find a private dog trainer who is certified and will come to your house for dog training.
  4. Take your dog to the dog park and make new friends.
  5. Make a list of all the words your dog knows. Then, test your dog’s IQ to see how smart your dog really is.
  6. Instead of taking your dog to the groomer, save money by grooming your dog yourself (nail trims, haircuts, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and more).
  1. Go somewhere fun with your dog — for a day, or for a vacation!
  2. Throw a birthday party for your dog.
  3. Be productive while engaging with your dog indoors with these 25 boredom busters for dog owners.
  4. Make homemade dog treats for your pet.
  5. Go shopping for a dog-friendly vehicle.
  6. Build a dog house for your four-legged family member.
  7. Walk your dog — it’s a fun way to meet other people with dogs and lose a few pounds at the same time!
  8. Take your dog hiking. Bonus points if there’s a creek or other body of water to cool off in.
  9. Find a fun new dog gadget that keeps your dog cool this summer.
  10. Play games with your dog. Interactive dog toys and treat toys are another way to keep bored dogs entertained.
  11. Stuff some Kong toys with dog-friendly recipes. Want to make it even more challenging for your dog? Experiment with these sticky & gooey Kong ingredients that dogs love.
  12. Take your dog to work with you.
  13. Make a bucket list for your dog — fun things you and your dog can do together, at home or on vacation. TIP: These are the most dog-friendly cities in the US.
  14. Don’t have a dog?… Consider rescuing one from a local animal shelter. Here’s how to find places with dogs for adoption near you. Or become a dog foster parent!

Fun Travel Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List

  1. Rent a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Heck, why not plan a motorcycle trip to Sturgis?
  2. Go for a drive on the highway, and spend the day trying to get truck drivers to honk at you.
  3. Rent a Jeep Wrangler or some other convertible car.
  4. Travel somewhere spontaneously with no prior planning. (We did this when we took a 5-week motorcycle trip from Tennessee to Alaska and back!) Here’s why to do it. Here’s how to do it.
  5. Visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  6. Rent an RV — and find some fun hobbies while traveling.
  7. Jump in the car and try to get lost. Then use a GPS or map to get back home.
  8. Rent a pontoon boat.
  9. Visit a state you haven’t been to before.
  1. Go to some local fairs or local festivals (more festivals here).
  2. Rent a bicycle… or an ebike! (Did you know that you can also rent an ebike using your Uber app?)
  3. Go geocaching — it’s a fun way to explore new places and find fun things.
  4. Visit a state park or national park. Here are the top 10 most visited national parks.
  5. Go to a drive-in movie.
  6. Rent a jet ski.
  7. Offer to drive someone to the airport… or pick them up at the airport. Bonus points if you do the airport hug.
  8. Stay at a hotel in your own town. While you’re at it, see the sights and be a tourist in your own town! Visit popular places and see them in a whole new way. Be sure to take pictures!
  9. Go on a boat ride. Here are the best places to take a ferry boat ride.
  10. Watch your car’s odometer click over a major milestone.
  11. Take a four-wheel drive vehicle offroad.
  1. Grill a pizza… yes, on the grill. Here’s how to do it on a gas grill, along with some helpful tips.
  2. Eat a popsicle. You can actually lose weight eating popsicles you know…
  3. Pick your own berries, fruits or vegetables. Then make fun desserts and dishes.
  4. Take dinner to a new neighbor or a neighbor in need.
  5. Eat vegetarian for a month. I bet you’ll feel better — healthier from the inside out. Here’s how to do it right.
  1. The next time the ice cream truck rolls through your neighborhood, buy something.
  2. Eat outdoors by having a picnic on the porch, patio, or deck. (Psst… National Eat Outside Day is August 31st each year.)
  3. Buy fresh food from a local farmers market.
  4. Eat some of the foods that used to be your favorites when you were a kid.
  5. Take a cooking class… or a couples cooking class. TIP: They even have fully-interactive online cooking classes these days — where you’re interacting with the chef as you’re learning!
  6. Drink more water every day instead of sugary drinks (even diet soda). Try it for just one day… a week… or an entire month. (Trust me, you’ll feel much healthier.)
  7. Get dressed up and go out in public — to a really nice restaurant, the opera, or a play.
  8. Visit restaurants where old men or old ladies are doing the cooking.
  9. Make a fun summer treat like gummy bear ice popswatermelon cookies, or campfire cones.
  10. Strive to become the ultimate grill master in your neighborhood… just for fun.
  11. Bake cupcakes and deliver them to neighbors.

Impulsive & Crazy Things To Do With Friends This Summer

  1. Go skinny-dipping.
  2. Pay for something in all pennies.
  3. Host a scavenger hunt with friends — either a driving version or a walking version.
  4. Have fun being wedding crashers with a friend or two.
  1. Have a talent show. Be sure to record it and upload it to YouTube.
  2. Go to a swimming pool and do cannonballs. Or, get everyone to do it and have a cannonball competition.
  3. Make out in public. Find an unusual place and see if you can get away with it. Here is the ultimate list of 200 places to make out before you die.
  4. Host a movie night for friends/neighbors at your house.
  5. Attempt to break a world record.
  6. Enjoy a self-guided tour and scavenger hunt using your smartphone with StrayBoots. (I did this with a friend in Nashville… we had a blast!)
  7. Visit a photobooth with a friend and take some candid shots.
  8. Go canoeing, or kayaking, or whitewater rafting.
  9. Have a friendly competition to see who can collect the most of something.
  10. Go roller skating. Here are some helpful do’s & don’ts for adults roller skating.
  11. Participate in a mudrun. Or make your own obstacle course in the backyard. (How fun would it be to make it a muddy mess?!)
  1. Give friends a guided tour of your town or a specific place nearby that you’re knowledgeable about.
  2. Host a themed party at your house or in your backyard. Here are 11 hacks for hosting a party on a budget.
  3. Ride a mechanical bull. (TIP: Use the ideas in this video to practice at home first.)
  4. Have a water balloon fight.
  5. Do a pub crawl with friends. (Some excellent ideas if you’re going to involve a lot of people.)
  6. Prank a friend or co-worker. Here are some funny work pranks.
  7. Visit the nearest amusement park or theme park and enjoy the rides. If you haven’t been on a roller coaster before, try it!
  8. Use rock, paper, scissors to settle everything this summer. Even better…pets use the new, modern day version of rock, paper, scissors.
  9. Go to a water park with other adults. Some water parks even have adult fun nights.

Even More Crazy Things To Do This Summer!…

In addition to the links I’ve included above, here are some other resources to help you find even more summer fun activities for adults: