TheFunTimesGuideLogo-words.jpg The Fun Times Guide is a network of websites (32 and counting!) that cover a variety of niche topics.

Our Humble Beginnings

In 2004, we (Jim Walczak and Lynnette Walczak) started The Fun Times Guide as a simple “fun” blog — mostly just for our friends and family to see what we were up to, places we had traveled, and clever ways we had found to save time and money doing everyday things. Initially, the site was filled with lots of fun pictures and little-known facts. You know, things that make you go “Hmmm….”

As our readership rapidly increased, we soon realized that there were lots more people — way beyond our friends and family — who were interested in the same things we were!

So we changed directions a bit and took The Fun Times Guide from a personal blog to a website that covered a lot of different topics. The information was based on unique things that we experienced or learned firsthand — from customer service issues, to purchasing decisions, to breeds of dogs, to frugal money-saving ideas.

Our theory was: if something worked well for us, then someone else might be interested in trying that too! Better yet… if we had spent a lot of time searching for answers to our own questions about something, then chances were pretty good that someone else probably has the same questions about the same thing and could benefit from the information we’ve learned along the way.

We now had a purpose. The Fun Times Guide became a tool to help others.

Now Others Can Learn From Our Experiences… And Our Mistakes

Since our dogs have always played an important role in our lives and we found ourselves writing quite a bit about them — from how we trained them to outside-the-box ideas that have saved us time and money choosing dog toys, traveling with our dogs, moving from house to house with pets… you get the idea), The Fun Times Guide to Dogs became our first sub-site on the network. To date, it remains one of our most popular websites.

From there, we branched out and started writing about other topics that we know a lot about — topics that we happen to have a lot of really clever and unique tips for (that haven’t appeared online yet) — like Household Tips, Jeeping, RVing, Motorcycling, and DIY Arts & Crafts.

As the topics we write about have continued to gain in popularity, we’ve continued organizing the content into more and more niche websites.

The Fun Times Guide Today

Today, with the help of a few others who are passionate about the same topics we are, we are able to share a vast array of personal experiences and years of research on a variety of topics — from household DIYs to food, cooking, and kitchen tips… crafts including rubber stamping, scrapbooking, and cardmaking… sports… the weather… coin collecting… and everything in between!

As the founders and publishers of The Fun Times Guide, we have been featured in the New York Times, in our local newspapers (Pensacola News Journal and The Tennessean), in several magazines and books, and on numerous websites.

We are humbled that The Fun Times Guide has become what it is today. It’s definitely a fun way for us to help others in a very small way.

THANK YOU for reading our articles.

Our aim is to help you find answers to your questions on a variety of topics, while providing you with the resources needed to make your own informed decisions.

We hope that you find our websites helpful… and FUN!