Want To Know When Something Gets A Mention On TV?

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If you’re eyeing a certain product, intrigued by a particular service, or you’re interested in what a local person or popular celebrity is doing these days, then you’re gonna LOVE this!…

One service will personally notify you whenever a particular word gets mentioned in the news or on television shows.

The other one gives you a series of video stills from all of the television programs which have mentioned that particular word, along with a transcript from the show.

TV Eyes logo.

  • TV Eyes will send you an e-mail alert (for free!) every time a word gets mentioned in a television show.

    From their site: “TVEyes monitors a broad range of television broadcasts in REAL TIME and sends you instant email, instant messaging, or wireless messaging alerts when your keywords are spoken on television programs.”

    Google Video logo

  • Google Video is a website where you enter a keyword and immediately view video stills and transcripts (for free!) from every television show that has mentioned that word.

    Word is, they started indexing the content of TV shows from December 2004 to the present. (Don’t miss the “About this show” links on the far left side for even more in-depth info about each TV show which featured that keyword.)


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