Online Games

Our favorite online games that are FREE and fun to play when you’re bored at the computer. Jim found — and plays — most of these. The ones that challenge your mind — like brain games — are the ones I like best. Have fun!

Play Golf Online – Lots Of Fun Golf Games To Choose From Here

If you love playing golf — or just prefer the online version, like me — then you’ll enjoy the variety of golf courses available to you right here at your computer. Choose from regular 18-hole golf courses or try your hand at some putt-putt miniature golf courses complete with slopes, obstacles and everything you’d expect to find at a ‘real’ course.

Magic Pen Game… Draw Your Way To Fun!

Magic Pen is entirely interactive… and very challenging. So much so, that you can’t get far until you can figure out a way to ‘draw’ objects and widgets that will propel the red ring far enough to move into the next level