VIDEO: Dad Catches Foul Ball, Daughter Throws It Back!

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Okay, so he doesn’t have the souvenir he so badly wanted…

But as cool as it is that this guy actually caught a foul ball bare-handed, don’t you think it’s even cooler that he and his daughter will forever have this video as a reminder of something fun that they did together?

It’s such a feel-good moment, especially when you see the dad’s reaction!

Here’s the full-length video from the MLB, as it happend:

The best part for both dad and daughter: not only was this video shown on TV news and sports programs all across America, but now it’s also making the rounds on the Internet!

Their little 15-minutes of fame brought smiles to millions of people today…
Thanks, Dad!



Here’s another update…

The entire family appeared on NBC’s Today Show the next day.

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