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This dad & daughter baseball foul ball video was shown on TV news and sports programs all across America. Their 15 minutes of fame brought smiles to millions!

2 great resources for parents, spouses, friends & relatives of a Marine going through Boot Camp. The movie 'Ears Open. Eyeballs, Click.' And the book 'Boot'.

Here are some great links to others' firsthand accounts of what the Boot Camp experience is like at Camp Pendleton.

Now THIS is one well-prepared mother!...

So Larry Birkhead was determined to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Dannielynn, I feel a little closer to this story than most. Here's why...

Flat Mommies & Flat Daddies are lifesize, 2D cardboard cut-out images of deployed service men & women. Military families can get a free Flat Daddy / Flat Mommy!

A behind-the-scenes tour of the barracks, training grounds, Commissary, and what a new recruit goes through when the bus drops them off at the Parris Island Receiving Station.