Blockbusters Video Rentals: Online Rentals vs Blockbuster Stores

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By Curtis

You’re probably already familiar with Blockbuster’s cement block buildings with the bright blue canopies. They started popping up all over the country starting in 1985 when the first Blockbuster store opened in Dallas, Texas.


Since that first store opened, the name Blockbuster can now be found on approximately 5,000 storefronts in over 30 countries — supplying home entertainment products in a variety of formats.

Over the years, Blockbuster has expanded and grown to include much more than the old familiar VCR tapes that where the mainstay of home movie rentals of the past.

Blockbuster Stores

These days at Blockbuster, you can find:

  • DVDs
  • Blu-ray discs
  • Video games
  • Accessories and systems needed to play each of the above.

Of course, not only can you rent these items at Blockbuster, but you can also purchase movies and equipment as well.

You can also buy used videos and equipment at a considerable savings from Blockbuster.

By ending the dreaded late fee, Blockbuster allows you to watch movies on your own schedule without that late night dash to the video store to avoid additional charges. At Blockbuster you can keep your rentals over the weekend, or for an additional day or two — it’s completely up to you.

Blockbuster gift cards are also quite popular and make a great gift. The recipient can use it to rent or buy any of Blockbuster’s entertainment services — including

Blockbusters Online Movie Rentals

blockbuster-online-movie-rentals-by-Cayusa.jpg Blockbuster is a leader in online movie rentals.

You can sign up for one of their online plans, put some movies in your queue, and in a day or two movies start arriving in your mailbox.

Compared to other mailorder video rental services, Blockbuster offers one very big benefit:

With Blockbuster, you don’t always have to wait for your next movie to arrive in the mail.

Instead, just run down to your local Blockbuster store and exchange the movie you received in the mail for another movie in the store — right it on the spot. Even though postage is paid both ways with their mail order system, you can still mix “In the store” with “mail order” without issue.

Watch Movies Blockbusters On Your TV

With Blockbuster on Demand, you can have movies available to you whenever you want them. All you need is high-speed Internet, a TV, and a Media Point digital media player.

This allows you to watch movies on demand for as little as $1.99 per movie. With this option, you can have all the newest movie releases right in your living room before they make it to the video stores.

NOTE: If you prepay for 99 movie rentals, then you can receive the digital media player free! How’s that for a good deal?

Blockbuster Video is a trusted name that’s been around for a long time. By striving to stay one step ahead of the competition, they have been able to make videos and related product rentals both convenient and cost-effective.

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