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Stuck at home? Bored? Need some fun things to do at home to relieve the boredom? A list of 60+ things to do when you're bored at home -- with kids or alone.

Remember old PBS kids shows of the 1970s, 1980s & 1990s? This post brings them all back, complete with videos of your favorite old school PBS kids TV shows!

A Weehoo bike trailer gives your child an open-air experience while cycling. Here's my review, how to install it, how to find the best deal on a used Weehoo trailer.

upscale consignment shop

I've bought & sold several items at consignment shops. I'm not fond of buying or selling at clothing consignment stores. But furniture consignment stores ROCK!

A lifeguard and kids swimming instructor shows you how to prevent dry drowning & secondary drowning. Look for these secondary drowning symptoms in your kids.

Everybody has a favorite Disney song. Is yours in this list of 25 classic Disney music moments in animated feature films?

You (and your kids) will enjoy watching these old school Sesame Street videos online. Hours of fun - and FREE - entertainment!


My niece and I are alike when it comes to saying prayers: we never close our eyes! We are both keenly aware of what's going on around us at all times.

I'm glad I saw these movies without hearing about them first. I like to have an open mind and be aware of others' points-of-views & how they impact mainstream America.