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Gizoogle: The Snoop-Dog Gangsta Transizilator

I came across the Gizoogle Translator site the other day, and wanted to see what this Snoop Dogg jargonater would do in terms of “translating” the site you are reading right now into Snoop-speak.

You know, gangsta phraseology. (Or, as the site itself says, “Gizoogle – Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit.”)

Just for laughs, here’s a sampling:



“Welcome to our “official-as-it’s-gonna-get” homepage! With highlights of our adventures and full out passion for whatever it is we are doing at the moment.”


“Welcome ta our “official-as-it’s-gizzle homepage! Wit highlights of our adventures n fizzle out passion fo` gangsta it is we is doing at tha moment doggystyle.”

WELL then, I guess there you have it!

Here’s more interesting translations & tips for transizlatin’ phrases into gangsta Snoop-speak yourself…



It’s Called “Fall Creek Falls” For A Reason…


“It’s Called “-F-to-tha-izzall Creek Falls” For A Reason…”



“We use the Blog Explosion traffic director and highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to increase their blog traffic. It’s FUN & FREE: BLOG EXPLOSION.”


“We use tha Blizzay Explosion traffic director n highly recommend it fo` anyone who wishes ta increaze they B-L-to-tha-izzog traffic. It’s FUN & FREE. Snoop dogg is in this bitch: BLOG EXPLOSION.”


Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius “Mr. Gangsta Rapper Posse Member”:

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More Fun Stuff With Gizoogle:

  • The Textilizer lets you type in any word or phrase and have it translated in a matter of seconds.
  • Under Images, you get the gangsta version of a variety of images including: Baby Buggy, Gangsta Bitch Barbie, Hozac, Ghetto Barbie, Weather Map and more.
  • And here’s an urban dictionary — to help you make sense of what “those kids” are talking about!…