What’s Your Sign?… It May Determine How Well You Drive!

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Do you know a Gemini, Taurus or a Pisces?…

By chance, are YOU one of those astrological signs?

Are you one of the 'worst' drivers? According to a study of 160,000 accident claims over a three-year period, those who are of the Gemini, Taurus and Pisces astrological signs (in that order) are the worst-rated drivers!

On the other hand, the BEST drivers are: Capricorn, Scorpio, and Sagittarius (in that order).

Here’s the overall ranking, from best to worst:

1. Capricorn
2. Scorpio
3. Sagittarius
4. Libra
5. Leo
6. Aries
7. Aquarius
8. Cancer
9. Virgo
10. Pisces
11. Taurus
12. Gemini

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