Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art Is Amazing Car Dust Art!

Here’s ‘street art’ taken to a whole new level… Scott Wade uses his finger to draw amazingly intricate illustrations in the dirt that builds up on the rear windows of his Mini Cooper and his wife’s Mazda. Check out the amazing artwork that he’s created on the windows of filthy cars…

Weird Sightings: Body Seen Dangling From Trunk

I’m driving home from work the other day, and I notice something “strange” with the car in front of me: Truth is, being stuck in traffic gridlock during rush hour often lends itself to some of the most interesting…

Creative Uses For Doilies

Who says doilies aren’t still practical? Here are some used as decorative headrest covers — as seen in a car I passed the other day.

Whew… A Heat Wave!

I couldn’t believe it when I got in my car to go home after work today, and the rearview mirror-slash-compass-slash-thermometer read 104 degrees!