Gone Golfing… Jokes, Games & Other Golf Humor

Today, it appears that Mr. Pig’s gone golfing…

The Franklin pig has gone golfing.If you’re a regular here, then you know I’m a pig-stalker of sorts on the side.

If you’re just visiting, and you’re even the slightest bit interested, the story starts here, then takes a few twists & turns — follow the links.


Funny Golf Humor About Golfing

And now, for some funny golf stuff…

Listen to Bud Light’s Real American Heroes “Mr. Golf Ball Washer Inventor”:

Here’s some more golf humor…

Ceramic pig dressed up as if he's prepared for a round of golf.


Really Bad Golfers

It’s only cheating if you get caught!

For the golfer who really sucks.

Cosmic rules that seem to apply to most amateur golfers.


When all else fails, and you need to work on that golf swing, consider 'garage golfing'! Here, our friend, Mike -- a golf pro -- is sharing some golf tips with Jim and Lynnette's brother.Did you know?…

There are roughly 27 million golfers in the world.
Their average gross score: 107 shots.
80% do not achieve a handicap of less than 18.
The Golf Swing Guru


Golf Jokes


The Golfer’s Prayer

Now I lay thy club to ball
I pray the hole thy ball will fall
If I should die lacking one last hack at it
I pray thy Lord will take a whack at it
But if thy Lord should somehow blow it
I’ve seen Your club
Oh God, don’t throw it!


Golf Cartoons

You're never too young to take up golf!... Kay gave Karly the gift of golf for Christmas when she was 2.


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