Fun Morning Radio Shows: The Bob & Tom Show and The Phillips Phile

After hearing about a major shakeup in the radio scene here in Nashville, resulting in one station switching formats and another station canceling the popular Rick & Bubba Show (I’ve never listened to it myself, but I’m aware that many got their morning laughs from those two)…

I am reminded of two of my favorite talk radio shows:

  • the Bob & Tom Show (102.9 in Nashville) which I listen to each and every day on my way to work; and
  • the Philips Phile (and others) on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando, which I listen to via “live streaming” on my computer all day at work.



Bob & Tom Show 102.9 Nashville

It’s no secret that I LOVE the Bob & Tom Show.

Here’s why…

For me, there is no better way to start the day, than with a healthy dose of Bob & Tom in the morning.

Bob and Tom - for all the latest news, trivia, and gossip. Oh, and lots of great comedians, too!
It all starts around 4:30am when Jim’s alarm goes off (…and he automatically hits “snooze” no less than 3 times before he rolls out of bed at 5AM), and then again at 6:30am when mine goes off (…and I promptly rise to the occasion).

Our alarms are set to “music” rather than “buzzer”, so we’re blessed with swear words and wisecracks to cajole us out of bed.

I used to turn on the Morning News shows to listen to while I got ready for work each day… but Bob & Tom quickly won out and we just leave the radio on all morning til it shuts itself off after we’re gone.

Then, I usually make a mad dash to my car — where the radio is set on 102.9 The Buzz — hoping not to miss a second of the hilarity during the period of transition between the house and the car.


Bob & Tom Help To Combat Road Rage

In fact, Bob & Tom have worked wonders in my life. You see, I am no longer a road-rager in the rush hour traffic on the way to work each morning. Truthfully, I wish the drive took LONGER, because I’m usually so caught up in all the fun facts, trivia tidbits, and comic wit that Bob, Tom & Chick have to offer that I hate to get out of my car & leave all the fun behind!

When you become a VIP member of the Bob & Tom Show, you get online streaming of all their shows.

They only offer online streaming of their daily broadcasts to VIP members. That means, you’ve gotta pay $30 for a 6-month subscription or $55 for a year. I’ll admit, that seems a little high, but I guess their fans are loyal and willing to shell out a huge chunk ‘o change to get their Bob & Tom “fix”.

In addition to the complete cast of characters: Bob, Tom, Chick, Christie Lee (not her real name), and a whole host of call-in characters who liven up the show, they load the show with at least two different Top-Of-The-Line comedians each day!

The result: You can’t HELP but crack a smile in the morning. If you’re anything like me though, you’re probably busting at the seams and even laughing out loud in your car on the way to work.

Here’s a list of radio stations that air the Bob & Tom Show — hopefully there’s one near you.

UPDATE: Thanks to new FCC regulations, the Bob & Tom Show isn’t nearly as “trashy” as it used to be… Give it a listen!

Philips Phile on WTKS 104.1 Real Radio in Orlando, Florida.

Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando

Then, once you’re at work, I invite you to join me in listening to REAL Radio WTKS 104.1 via “live streaming” on your computer. Here’s why.

While they run a whole line-up of different “hosts” in 4-5 hour chunks throughout the day, my favorites are (in this order):

  • The Philips Phile – real life topics with an edge for “intelligent” people who want to discuss
  • Monsters of the Morning – silly (sometimes childish) real-life pranks and dialog among 20- and 30-somethings
  • Shannon Burke Show – “intelligent” discussion that often gets sidetracked on trivial matters