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Why I Watch Animal Planet on TV... | Fun Times Guide

Why I Watch Animal Planet on TV…

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Animal Planet logo. The sentimental sap that I am (…on the inside. Few people know this about me in “real life”), I’ve been watching a lot of the Animal Channel on TV lately. (Or is it “Animal Planet“?)

The worst part: I am completely offended by the people who inflict such cruelty on their animals that the show Animal Cops depicts, yet I cannot force myself to change the channel!

Watch for yourself!…

  • Animal Cops Detroit (…YOU try to make it through the “Rush Hour Rescue”!)

  • Animal Cops Houston (…especially “Vets to the Rescue” and “Training Ground”)

    Another Animal Planet Fave
    Who Gets The Dog? – simply for the fact that they were able to find “judges” for this show!!! It’s so corny, it’s addicting.

    You take one dog who’s been “rescued” from the local Animal Shelter, and let him spend one day and one night with 3 different families (couples, roommates, lovers, etc).

    Based on videotaped interaction of them with the dog… AND their ability to get the dog to learn a few specific “tricks”… and, finally, the judges’ determination of “who the dog likes best”… you have your winner!

    The two “losing” families are standing by teary-eyed and heartbroken, and each is encouraged to find a pet that’s right for them at their local animal shelter.

    Geeesh! (…why do I even watch?!)

    The Animal Channel’s Not So Bad…

    I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of the rats, rodents & insects kinds of shows. Nor do I care to watch shows about crocs and aligators. But overall, the Animal Channel -slash- Animal Planet thing isn’t so bad after all.

    Check out their programming schedule to see when these, and other great shows will be appearing in your viewing area.

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