Jonathan Keller: The Adaption To My Generation – A Daily Photo Project

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Talk about obsessive-compulsive… or would it be self-centered?

I tend to find it mildly entertaining – though some are just completely ridiculous.

Whatever your take on this project started by Jonathan Keller called “The Adaptation To My Generation”, you’re sure to find something interesting (or at least amusing) there.

Can you believe this many people have chosen to photograph themselves on a daily basis?

…we’re talking for years on end!

Jonathan Keller started with his Daily Photo Project where he took an expressionless picture of himself each and every day — and posted it on the web for all to see.

It seems he was motivated by his girlfriend’s taunt after he purchased a new (expensive) camera: “Are you going to use it every day?”

As a result, he has used that camera every day since (… 8 years and counting). And he vows that the project will continue “until the day I die”.

You may remember Lynnette’s earlier post to What’s In My Belly – a site about a guy who photographs every meal, every day.

“The Adaptation To My Generation” is similar.. Some people photograph their daily food items, while others take pictures of their daily smiles, daily journeys — even really odd things like all the doors & door knobs the touched in a given day, and every item my right hand touched today. You get the idea.

Check it out!

Here’s the entire Adaptation To My Generation directory, highlighting individuals who’ve chosen creative ways to photograph themselves daily.

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