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Have Fun Playing Sketch Swap… It’s Like An Etch-A-Sketch Online!

Sketch Swap is like an online Etch-a-Sketch!

It sounds simple, but it will surprise you.

Here’s what you do:
Try to draw a simple picture, then click “submit” and it goes into a database of random drawings. (Don’t worry there are lots of people who can’t draw very well.)

In exchange for submitting one of your pictures, you get to see one of the pictures that someone else drew. I know… it may sound boring at first, but the cool part is the fact that you get to see the steps the other person went through to draw his/her picture.

It’s pretty interesting to see a picture come to life step-by-step before your eyes. And if you really do have any interest in learning to draw – this site would help you learn some quick tricks!

Along the way, you’re guessing what it’s going to be. By the time I get to the end, I’m usually fascinated by what it actually turned out to be.