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Cell Phone Ring Holder Review: I’ve Finally Found The Best Phone Grip AND Phone Stand In One!

A cell phone ring holder is a helpful and clever way to keep a grip on your smartphone at all times. A phone grip ring sticks securely onto most smartphones, tablets, and phone cases. And it folds completely flat when you're not using it. It also helps with taking selfies, one-handed typing & texting, and taking action photos on the fly. I've used an iRing phone finger ring for years now and have gifted many of them too. See why everyone loves the iRing!

Play Golf Online – Lots Of Fun Golf Games To Choose From Here

If you love playing golf -- or just prefer the online version, like me -- then you'll enjoy the variety of golf courses available to you right here at your computer. Choose from regular 18-hole golf courses or try your hand at some putt-putt miniature golf courses complete with slopes, obstacles and everything you'd expect to find at a 'real' course.

Magic Pen Game… Draw Your Way To Fun!

Magic Pen is entirely interactive... and very challenging. So much so, that you can't get far until you can figure out a way to 'draw' objects and widgets that will propel the red ring far enough to move into the next level