Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art Is Amazing Car Dust Art!

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Here’s “street art” taken to a whole new level…

Scott Wade uses his finger to draw amazingly intricate illustrations in the dirt that builds up on the rear windows of his Mini Cooper and his wife’s Mazda.

Scott Wade next to his amazing car dust art!
Check out some more of the amazing artwork that he’s created on the windows of filthy cars…

Here is Scott Wade’s dirty car art website.

Here is Scott Wade’s gallery of dirty car art.

He writes:
“You’d be surprised how many potential canvases are ruined by some kid walking up and writing ‘Wash Me’ on it.”

Happy Holidays and Santa Claus drawn in car dust on a dirty windshield.
So, the next time your car gets a coating of dirt thick enough to write “Wash Me” in it… why not try your hand at creating some amazing car dust art of your own?

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