Ads That Just Aren’t Right!

by Lynnette

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A whistle blower.It’s just not right that the following major companies can get away with this type of advertising!

I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list as time goes on.

If you can think of others, please do share…

1. TV ads that crank up the volume really loud just during their commercial.

Why it’s annoying: In an otherwise “quiet” household (like when babies or pets are sleeping) this suddenly loud commercial comes on the TV and wakes up or otherwise “disturbs the peace”.

Plus, we set the volume on our TV sets for a reason! Annoying TV advertisers… the least you can do is respect this.

I think “interruption marketing” tactics like this are having an opposite effect on most TV viewers (or would that be listeners?) anyway.


The Audiovox Volume Regulator gets pretty high marks. It tones down loud commercials, as well as scenes with car crashes and explosions. And it automatically ups the volume during murmured conversations and other quiet moments.

2. Radio ads that feature siren noises & car crash sounds.

Why it’s annoying: We’re programmed from the day we begin to drive to “pull over for lights & sirens”. So whenever you hear a commercial on the radio that has loud sirens in the background, you are likely to instinctively pull off the road and onto the shoulder — like you’re supposed to do. It’s just habit.

As a result, such sounds increase the likelihood that drivers will panic and/or suddently drive irradically in their attempt to determine where the emergency vehicle is in relation to their own car.

This one’s just stupid. And I find it hard to believe some legislator or other government entity hasn’t outlawed these ads since, over time, they can have such an obvious effect on the public’s respect of emergency sirens in general.

Ads like this are likely to desensitize the public toward emergency sounds, alarms and sirens of all kinds. As a result, people will start to be a little more complacent whenever they hear sirens in general. And, we will all be less likely to take such sounds seriously.

These types of ads are more alarming than audibly appealing. Don’t you agree?

For the record, I cannot think of ONE advertiser — by name — that participates in #1 and #2 above. And that just proves my point… you don’t pay attention to things that annoy you. Not only don’t you want to remember the name of that company, you certainly don’t feel compelled to utlize the services of somebody you’ve just been annoyed by. Wake up and smell the ad dollars, people!

3. Companies that can’t justify the claims made in their ads.

This one’s just flat out deceptive marketing… A local pizza company (a chain of restaurants in the Nashville area) ran an ad on television advertising their “lower carb pizzas”. As you know, Jim and I are watching our carbs these days, so this commercial caught our attention right away. (And the attention of a bunch of other low-carb dieters as well, I’m sure!)

Why it’s annoying: When I phoned the location nearest me to get more information about their “lower carb pizzas” they acted dumbfounded. I mentioned that I’d just seen their ad on TV for lower carb pizzas, and I was just interested in knowing what made their pizzas lower carb and how many total carbs their “lower carb pizzas” had. When the guy who answered the phone didn’t seem to have a clue, I asked if a manager or someone else was there who might know. His reply: “I’m the manager.”

He went on to say, “I think they went a little overboard with that ad. It really just means our crusts are thinner, so that means less carbs than in thick crust pizzas.”

This was Nashville Pizza Company. I still love their pizza. And I’ll continue to eat there — just not when I’m watching my carbs. But I think this is a classic example of deceptive marketing that should never have been approved. Shame on you, Nashville Pizza Company!

4. Political correctness gone too far.

Why it’s annoying: Too P.C. for me!

Remember the classic and timeless jingle for Ace Hardware? You know…

“Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man.”
Well, you won’t be hearing that one anymore. Apparently there’s been a slight change to this:

“Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks.”
Say what?!? C’mon, why mess with something that works?

The “old” Ace Hardware jingle was rated in the Top TEN of the Top 100 most influential jingles introduced since the advent of broadcast television in 1948!!!

That catchy little jingle has been hummed and respected by people of all ages for years & years, but by changing “man” to “folks” you’re starting from square one in terms of credibility — in the minds of consumers, anyway.