Play 20Q Online: A 20 Questions Game That’s An Artificial Intelligence Experiment

This online 20 Questions game is pretty amazing… is an interactive game that you play against the computer — similar to 20 Questions. (Choose “Think in American.”)


What’s freaky about 20Q is this:

The farther along you get (in your series of 20 questions), the smarter the computer becomes — to the extent that it can actually make intelligent guesses to determine what it is that you are currently thinking about.

You start by thinking of an object.

Then, you are asked a series of simple questions, with your choices being a simple “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.”

It’s interesting how quickly and accurately this form of “artificial intelligence” can use deductive reasoning to come up with the EXACT item that you are thinking of!
(But I was able to stump it once…)