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True Stories Told In Hollywood Movies… The Ones We’ve Enjoyed The Most

movie-popcorn-and-tickets.jpgI’m constantly in search of another great movie at the movie theaters that is based on fact.

Yep, “true stories” are my favorite.

Here’s why, plus some of the fact-based movies that we would recommend…

I realize the degree of truth always differs, as some movies are more based on truth than others.

In fact, some are merely fictionalized accounts of something that happened in real life.

That said, I’m still a sucker for anything that’s fact-based in some way. And the phrase “based on a true story” will get me to the movie theater every time.

Here are some true stories that are our personal favorites:

John McCain’s “Faith Of My Fathers”

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

September Tapes

The Exorcism of Emily Rose



The Aviator

Hotel Rwanda

Walk The Line

RENT: The Movie (& The Musical)

An Inconvenient Truth

Grizzly Man

American Gangster


Charlie Wilson’s War