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2008 Doritos Superbowl Contest

Doritos is looking for an undiscovered music artist to perform a great song for a Doritos commercial. This is part of Doritos' annual superbowl contest event, with the winner to get their song aired on TV, along with a record deal.

What I Learned About Using The F-Word In Movies

Did you know?... If you want to keep your movie PG-13, you can only have one F-bomb in it. Any more than that, and they bump you up to an R rating. BUT... if you precede your F-bomb with the word 'mother'... then you automatically get an R rating!

Grindhouse Movie: Kurt Russell & Zoe Bell Steal The Spotlight

Much to our surprise, we actually enjoyed Quentin Tarantino's double-feature movie, Grindhouse. We preferred 'Death Proof' over 'Panet Terror'... but both were enjoyable to watch because they were so different from traditional movies you see in the theater these days. Stuntwoman, Zoe Bell, and Kurt Russell made the movie 'Death Proof'.