Creative Marketing: Bikes For Sale

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Something I spotted last weekend when I was passing through the Walmart parking lot on Saturday morning…


These kids were getting a lot of attention riding around the Walmart parking lot.

First thought was: “Did they steal those bikes???”

…That is until you got close enough to read the handmade signs they were wearing: “Bikes For Sale”.

Boys selling their bikes... wearing 'bikes for sale' signs.
Can we agree that this is one of the cleverest instances of creative marketing? And, by kids no less…

Why Go To All The Trouble?
They were actually encouraging everyone they saw to drive up the hill to the High School parking lot where a huge craft & yard sale was taking place — a fundraiser for the school.

They would ride their bikes (which were “officially” for sale) from the High School, down the hill to the Walmart — and back. They did this for hours on end.

Not sure if they actually sold the bikes or not, but they sure got a lot of attention, and probably boosted the attendance at the craft & yard sale.

…Props to the creative kids at Centennial High School!!!

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