Mark Cuban’s Reality TV Highlights And Personal Blog: Blog Maverick

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We happen to love Mark Cuban in our household, and we have a fine appreciation for his upfront honesty and ability to be real at all times.

If you’re into real opinions, real news and other real crazy stuff, then you’ll probably love Mark Cuban’s blog as well.



What initially attracted me to this site was his blog entitled, “How To Lose 1 Billion Dollars.

I thought it was going to have something to do with that reality show of his, the Benefactor, that I never got a chance to watch.

Instead, that blog post was Mark’ Cuban’s way of blasting Bob Goodenow, president of the NHL Players Association.

Must Read: Here’s how Mark Cuban lost $1 billion in brand equity.

Without a doubt, Mark Cuban is always fired up and on a rant about something…

If you’ve got nothing better to do, you might want to give his blog a quick look: Blog Maverick.



Speaking of Mark Cuban’s reality show: The Benefactor

Did anyone else see it this Fall?

It always aired at the same time the Tennessee Titans/Jeff Fisher Show was on.

Just wondering if it was worthy enough to return for a 2nd season? The premise sounded interesting to me.


Update about Mark Cuban’s newest reality show: Shark Tank

Here are some interesting tidbits about Mark Cuban’s role on ABC’s Shark Tank:

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