Play Crimson Room Game Online – See If You Can Escape!

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…Just try to get out of the room!

The Crimson Room is a pretty cool (and addictive) flash game.

There are no real “rules” or anything, but as far as I can tell, you’re supposed to get your way out of this small room by acting like MacGyver, collecting hidden objects & making them work for you.

It’s quite challenging to try & find the hidden objects. (TIP: Some areas require several clicks before you “see” the object.)

I spent a good 30 minutes on this one, collected a handful of objects, but failed to open the door or make any sense of this “game”.

–>Then I found these Crimson Room Spoilers! (Thanks, kegz.)

Okay, cool. But I’m still not sure that I’ve truly grasped the concept of this game though…

YOU try it!

Then, if you like the challenge of trying to get yourself out of small rooms filled with clues, then check out the next in the series: Viridian Room.

Now it’s your turn. See if you can escape.

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One thought on “Play Crimson Room Game Online – See If You Can Escape!

  1. I will try this as soon as I finish my bike project. I’m currently installing the protaper handlebar I ordered from 4WheelOnline.

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