Cloning: The First Cloned Animals — Even Humans Cloned!

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The first cloned dog (Snuppy) recently made the headlines, which brought cloning to the forefront again.

I’m not really into the whole cloning thing, but it’s interesting (if not scary) how far they’ve come in such a short time.

In researching stories about the first cloned animals as pets, I found the following information…


To date, the following animals have been successfully cloned:
(starting with the most recent)


Then I Found This…

I must be out of the “cloning loop”… I had no idea it had come to this already!


What I Learned Today:

“Dolly” was named after Dolly Parton!



Cloning Fact Sheet

Cloning Timeline & Milestones

Genetic Savings & Clone (…get it?)

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