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7 Coolest Car Commercials In Videos

A collection of funny car commercials, plus a few truly classy ones as well.

It’s interesting when you read how and why they created some of these ads.

These are our favorites…
at the moment.

Chances are, we’ll be adding to this list as time goes on.

In our opinion, these are the best car commercials we’ve ever seen:


1. Honda Accord “Dominoes” Commercial

We think this is one of the best car commercials around… “the Power of Dreams”. (See the details of how this video was created here.)


2. Trunk Monkey Commercials

Hilarious car ads from Suburban Auto Group. (We like #3 and #5 best!)


3. Alive With Technology

Check out the Citroen C4 Coupe — a car/transformer that dances. (See the details of how this video was created here.)


4. Mazda 3

If you have a dog (or have had one pee on your car before), then you’ll enjoy this one… “Zoom, Zoom!”


5. Mazda B Series Trucks

Who knew it was going in THAT direction?…


6. 1988 Dodge Aries For Sale

A fairly clever idea if you’ve got a website and a car to sell!


7. What A Honda Feels Like

See how a choir might perform all the sound effects for Honda commercials. Amazing! (Here is a slightly better quality video.)


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