It’s ‘A Lot Like Love’… 3 Chick Flicks Worth Watching!

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I don’t recall A Lot Like Love even being in theaters, but it came out on DVD for the first time this past weekend.

I was having a “girly” weekend — trust me, it’s VERY rare — and I scooped it up (along with The Wedding Date, also a new release).

Long story short: These are two of the best chick flicks that are rent-worthy… Just add Under The Tuscan Sun, and you’re golden!

And… for the record The Pacifier starring Vin Diesel somehow managed to find its way into my arms as well before I walked out the doors at the video store and headed for home, but that one barely warrants a review. (I was weak.)

Okay, back to the movie A Lot Like Love…

This movie paralleled one of my own relationships, so it’s highly likely that’s the only thing that makes this one rentable in the end. But I’m not sure… try it and let me know what you think.

In short: It’s about a guy (Ashton Kutcher) and a girl (Amanda Peet) who are both young, mobile, exploring relationships, exploring career options, and trying to set goals for their lives — independently of one another.

In the midst of their own spontaneous actions one day, their paths cross, resulting in a very cool, innocent, albeit short time together. Just one night.

Several times in this movie, I was reminded of the Kenny Chesney video ‘Anything But Mine.’

With completely different goals, these two opposites part ways only to run into each other again months later. This leads to another completely innocent full-out FUN day together, after which they go their separate ways, due to the fact that their lives are still on completely different paths.

This happens several times over the course of several years — usually coincidentally (fate), sometimes on purpose (a phone call).

In the end, the guy gets the girl (or is it the girl gets the guy?)… but does he “really”?

It’s all about fate — and how a strange twist of fate can actually reveal what was meant to be, or not meant to be.

From Yahoo Movies:

“It takes some people years to fall in love at first sight. A LOT LIKE LOVE is a romantic comedy about destiny, connection and the frequently fuzzy line between chance friendships and happily ever after.”


A Highlight From The Movie

Each time before they part ways, when all the emotions are running wild and they’re thankful for their time together, yet uncertain as to when (or if) they’ll ever see each other again, she always says:

“Don’t… you’ll ruin it.”

As in: “Don’t try to make more of what’s here. Don’t try to rationalize why we must go our separate ways. Don’t try to explain how you really feel right now. Because whatever was meant to be will be… in the end. Let’s just enjoy the time we’ve had together and move on. This is just the way it has to be.”


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