Live Blogging The Academy Awards Show

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Here’s my $.02 about last night’s Academy Awards, plus something interesting I’ve discovered about award shows in general…

It’s called “Live Blogging”.

My Take On The Academy Awards
First of all, the Academy Awards weren’t nearly as fun to watch as the Grammy’s were!

It seemed the Oscar folks tried to put a Grammy “twist” on the whole show… and it did not work. Every time the singing started, we found that to be a prime opportunity to go get something to eat or chat amongst ourselves. My summary of the 2005 Academy Awards: BORING.

Here’s another blogger‘s summary of the Oscars… I couldn’t agree more!

“Live Blogging”
The latest trend in blogging is what’s called “Live Blogging”. It’s where a blogger gives a play-by-play account of the entire award show from start to finish — sometimes, even the commercials.

It’s highly opinionated. It’s sometimes biased. Though it’s often interesting to see another’s take of the same thing that you watched on TV. (Or, if you didn’t get to watch, then you get a quick rundown of all the highlights — from a viewer’s point of view.)

Examples Of “Live Blogging”
Here are some examples of where bloggers across the U.S. committed an entire night to “Live Blogging the 2005 Academy Awards Show”:

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