Strange & Funny Things

This category of articles is where it all began here at The Fun Times Guide. We started sharing strange and funny things… and we haven’t stopped! From funny videos to funny pictures and everything in between.

I Know What I’m Doing

I happened upon another fun blog the other day. Mostly, I dig the guy’s writing style and the wide range of topics he finds to cover.

This & That

Some random tidbits of things I recently found interesting.

It’s Cockeyed!

Cockeyed is a one-of-a-kind, unique website that covers everything from the ‘Who’d a thunk it?’ category. Rob’s a numbers guy, and he likes to analyze crazy and bizarre things in layman’s terms for us. Word is… it’s the 6th best web site in the world!

That Thing Got A Hemi In It?

Check out this Dodge Durango ad. In it, two guys converse in the men’s room about the extra 7 inches… of the new Durango, silly!

A Bird’s Eye View… With A Twist!

Did you hear about this?… A little Pekingese dog was “snatched” by an eagle, flown to other parts of town, then managed to find his own way back home a week later!…

See Ellen Dance

A little light humor from my friend Ellen Degeneres… (Make sure you have your sound on for this. And before you start clicking around on the black bag, first “refresh” the main page a couple times to replay the intro…