It’s Cockeyed!

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Cockeyed website homepage. Rob’s a self-professed “guy with too much time on his hands”.

But we’re all glad for that…

Because it takes a lot of time to create such a great website as this!


Cockeyed is a one-of-a-kind, unique website that covers everything from the “Who’d a thunk it?” category.

Rob’s a numbers guy, and he likes to analyze crazy and bizarre things in layman’s terms for us.

Word is… it’s the 6th best web site in the world!

And he doesn’t do it alone, folks. Check out his entire “staff” which help him to pull off these fabulous pranks and analizations.


Some of my favorites from Cockeyed:
1. How Much Is Inside?
2. Starbucks Chairs
3. Jenga Costume
4. Work-at-Home Scams Unveiled
5. Things I Figured Out
6. What’s Inside A Can Of Mixed Nuts?
7. What It’s Really Like To Give Birth

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