Strange & Funny Things

This category of articles is where it all began here at The Fun Times Guide. We started sharing strange and funny things… and we haven’t stopped! From funny videos to funny pictures and everything in between.

John Kerry Political Humor

Everyone knows that I’m not into politics in the LEAST… But, this being Election Day, I thought I’d share with you something comical that I recently came across. It’s a funny John Kerry picture. (Reload it at least once to…

Baseball Prank

Have you ever seen those ‘smashed baseball’ stickers on people’s windshields? Now you can get your very own to play a joke on someone, or to put on your own vehicle!

Girlfriend, He’s Just Not That Into You…

Greg Behrendt wrote the book, ‘Girlfriend, He’s Just Not That Into You’. It’s a book for women who are dating. It helps you sort out the mixed messages that girls give guys… and vice versa.

Funny Beer Commercial

Beer Goggles is a funny beer commercial. It will make you want to run out and get your own set of goggles!

Bush & Kerry: This Land Is Your Land

Surely you’ve seen this already… It’s been talked about on all the national news channels, and forwarded in millions of people’s e-mailboxes. In case you haven’t, it’s too funny! This is Jib Jab’s rendition of “This Land is Your Land”…

Do You Have Any Signs in Your Yard? On Your Car?

How does everyone feel about the trendy “Yard Art” that is decorating the lawns of America these days? By that I mean all the yard signs in support of a particular presidential candidate. There’s so much of it… if…