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Hanes Commercial Features More Cool Dancers

Maybe I’m not so crazy after all for thinking dancers like the ones in the Jello commercials are cool… and talented!

Truth is, I was almost positive that the Jello dancers had moved on over to a new ad campaign by Hanes. Because I keep catching bits & pieces of this commercial:

And I see some very similar movements in there.

You agree, right?

Well, maybe they’re not the same dancers after all. But they’re very similar and just as talented.

Thankfully, Hanes identifies them in their commercials!

In the lower left corner it says “Momix Dance Company”.

Turns out, Momix is a company of dancer-illusionists under the direction of Moses Pendleton. For 20 years, Momix has been celebrated for its ability to conjure up a world of surrealistic images using props, light, shadow, humor and the human body.

Here’s a video of the Momix Dance Company in action:

They definitely catch my attention every time I see them on TV!