Holiday Commercials… Are They For Real?

Okay, so here it is, January 13th… and no, I’m not chastising homeowners who still have their Christmas decorations up (…and lit every night!).

This year I turn my attentions toward national advertisers…

I mean, the holidays are past, so why in the world are there still so many commercials on TV still discussing the holidays?

Case in point: Pepto-Pismol!

Every time I look up from my computer at the TV screen (on in the background), it seems I’m catching the tail-end of a Christmas-themed Pepto Bismol commercial.

You know, the one where the chubby old guy is wearing a red & green body-tight shirt and he’s trying to dance… or sing… or dance and sing a new theme song about diarrhea.

They also run another similar one that is loaded (excuse the pun) with nerdy guys wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters who are attempting some less-than-attractive dance moves.

So what’s the point, Pepto? Why all the holiday-themed commercials so far into the New Year? And why so many times throughout the day?

Did you get a bad “ad buy” or something? (Like… a lower rate for running multiple repeats after the holidays rather than during them?)

Oh wait, on second thought… maybe I get it. Maybe they’ve achieved their goal exactly as planned, because they got my attention… and yours too — since you’re reading this.


Pepto-Bismol is certainly not alone in this endeavor. I’ve been typing away at the computer all day long today — and the TV has been on in the background the whole time. I must’ve seen at least 2 or 3 other national advertisers still running holiday-themed ads.


Note to advertisers: It’s time to move on. Hey, I’ve got an idea! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.