Pigs Are HOT… And Pink!

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Pig in pink t-shirt. Today, Ms Piggy…

…woke up late?

Not sure what the oversized pink shirt on Ms. Piggy signifies this go-around.

All I can think of is: That’s kinda what I look like when I wake up on Saturday mornings!

Geesh, look at me… I’ve become the “caption this” lady for the local pig-on-the-block!

Pigs Are Funny, No?

Ceramic pig wearing a hot pink t-shirt.

I don’t know, there’s just something about the fashion trends of “this little piggy” that I find humorous.

Perhaps more than the fashion trends themselves, it’s the fact that someone actually takes the time to coordinate their ceramic yard art with the local forecast and events taking place in the area.

Even funnier than that, is the fact that I’m actually NOTICING. I’m sure I’m not alone, however.

In fact, I KNOW I’m not alone — remind me to tell you about the time someone stole this prized pig! (…and then returned it)

Warning: I Brake For Pigs!
Truth be told, I and the hundreds of other drivers passing down Bridge Street can’t HELP but notice this fashionable little pig every morning on the way to work.

I mean, what ELSE have we got to look at… besides the long line of traffic that is literally CRAWLING bumper-to-bumper through a series of 3 stop signs down this busy side street?

All I can say is: Thank God for pigs (…and for the neighbors who keep them neatly dressed).

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