Seen & Heard In Nashville…

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During lunch the other day, I decided to park at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Jefferson, downtown Nashville. My goal was to enjoy my egg salad sandwich and can of Diet Dr. Pepper, while watching the traffic go by.

What fun is that, you ask???

Well, check this out!…

Within minutes of parking my car at this location, I spotted this:

  • A woman wearing a lampshade on her head — her own version of “the floppy hat” I presume.
  • A guy rummaging through the gas station’s garbage pail and selecting one “tall boy” aluminum can to carry with him on his walk — after dumping out the remaining beer, that is.
  • She was either a Country music star from the 40’s, or a glamorous Hollywood model wannabe (you know… 60-something looking 90-something, with deep-set wrinkles around her mouth, probably from smoking, and bright yellow “big” hair). Parked in front of me (in a Lincoln Town Car!) for awhile while waiting for the light to turn green… this woman was the passenger, and she was enjoying some “face time”. See, she was looking into the little mirror above the visor and using her hands to perform a minor facelift on her cheek and forehead regions — making mental note of the differences when she smiled BIG, smiled a little, or didn’t smile at all. (…ahhh, the things we do out of vanity!)
  • Saw a guy who’d had his voicebox removed and was talking with the little electronic gadget held up to his throat to someone who didn’t appear to be understanding him.
  • A lady (walking) whose hand appeared to be permanently affixed to her ear — as if she were talking on a cell phone, yet she had no cell phone. Nor did she appear to be in any condition to BUY one. Though she might have been saving up for one, cuz she was literally scrounging around for loose change along the curb and sidewalk. Maybe she’d just trained herself to “pretend” she was talking into a cellphone to divert attention away from her all those times she normally spent talking to HERSELF!
  • The driver of a station wagon had his window cracked while smoking a cigarette and talking to his passenger… That is, until a passing motorist drove through a HUGE rain puddle sending about 5 gallons of water onto Mr. Station Wagon’s lap… AND his passenger’s lap! They took it like a champ, even laughing in disbelief, but they’re probably STILL drying out their clothes!


Okay, I’m not saying that any ONE of these things in and of themselves is odd, unique, strange, or even noteworthy — but put them all together in a 40-minute period, and you’ve gotta ask yourself…

…Why didn’t I have my camera on me?!?!?!?

This was so oddly entertaining, that I may just have to try it at another location.

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