I Am Grateful… I Have What I Need And I Can Help Those Who Don’t

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I can’t help it.

Ever since September 11th… and then the Iraq War… and then the Tsunami, I’ve felt somewhat ashamed because I’ve managed to escape being personally affected in any way by 3 of the biggest life-altering tragedies to take place in the United States in my lifetime.



What I mean is this:

  • I don’t personally know anybody who died or was affected by the 9/11 tragedies, yet they say that almost everyone knows someone — no matter how distant — who WAS involved.
  • I don’t personally know anyone who’s currently participating in the war efforts going on in Iraq, yet with military bases all around us — and the multitude of Americans serving our country these days — most everyone ELSE does.
  • I don’t personally know anybody who died or who’s life has been affected by the Tsunami tidal wave, yet I just found out a co-worker has family from Indonesia and some of their beloved are still missing.

I know… I should be HAPPY! I should be RELIEVED that I haven’t had to live through the horror and sadness on a personal level.

But in truth, I’ve felt too “far removed”. And that makes me feel somewhat spoiled and ungrateful — not knowing how it “really” feels.

Well, thanks to some thoughtful volunteers at the Tennessee State Senate, I’ve been able to play an ever-so-small role in helping some soldiers from Tennessee who are currently serving in Iraq. And for that I am grateful.


Why I’m So Grateful

What started as a simple request for items to take to the U.S. soldiers stationed with the 278th in Iraq became an eye-opening experience for me.

Lance Frizzell in Kuwait. Photo (c)Lance Frizzell https://iraq.billhobbs.com/ It turns out, Lance Frizzell, a former staff member for the State of Tennessee is currently serving in northern Iraq. He’s a 2nd Lt Medical Platoon Leader with the Tennessee National Guard 278th Regimental Combat Team.

On behalf of Lance and his squadron, his former co-workers started collecting items (such as calling cards, snacks, magazines, DVDs, and CDs) to send to these patriots.

This Led Zeppelin boxed set was among the CDs we donated to the soldiers in Iraq. I wanted to do something to help, so I gathered up some CD’s, Starburst candies (a special request they had), and a few other items and made my small contribution to these soldiers.

NOW, I finally have a face to put with the War… a team of individuals over there fighting for ME and MY family and our country.

Thank you Lance, and the entire Tennessee National Guard 278th Regimental Combat Team!

Thank you for opening my eyes. And thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the USA.

…Rock on!