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Fun Spider Stuff: HappyFace Spider Facts, How Spiders Make Webs, And A Free Spider Identification Poster!

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as spider humor.

A forensic entomologist has unveiled the happy, friendly side of spiders.

He calls them Happyface spiders.

Apparently, this unique species of spider can be found in Hawaii.

Its official name is: Theridion grallator.

These spiders very clearly have what looks like a smiley face on their backs!

Photos of Happyface spiders:

So, the next time you see a spider…

Don’t worry. Be happy. (Happy that you didn’t get bitten by a brown recluse spider!!!)

Free Spider Identification Poster

Do you still fear spiders? Need help identifying spiders?

Now you can get a FREE poster to help you identify spiders in your area!

This Spider Chart also provides important First Aid advice — in case you ever encounter a poisonous spider.

From the source:

A ready reference guide in full color of dangerous and other spiders commonly found in USA. Features the brown recluse, black widow, hobo spider, mouse spider, wolf spider, huntsman and many other spiders with notes to aid in identification and First Aid advice for spider bites.

Get your free spider poster! (Or, to identify a spider in a hurry, you can view the chart online.)

How Spiders Make Spider Webs

Ever wonder how a spider spins its web?

Watch as a spider makes a spider web:

Here are the details behind how spiders make webs.

And finally, just for fun… here’s a photo of a spider web captured with morning dew still on it: