Dan St. Paul’s ‘First Baseball Game’

by Lynnette


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Heard this on the way to work yesterday on Bob and Tom

It’s comedian Dan St. Paul’s version of the very first baseball game ever played.

Since I was driving when I first heard this, there was no video with my version. And after watching Dan St. Paul’s “First Baseball Game” put to video, I think I might prefer the no-video option.

When watching the video I found myself getting sidetracked by what I was seeing, rather than following along with the hilarious commentary that Dan uses to describe the very first baseball game.

Anyway… whether you watch it — or just listen to it — you’re sure to die laughing just like I did!

Who knew there were so many ties to Christianity and religious influences in baseball???

And, if that wasn’t enough, check out his follow-up version: Heaven vs Hell Afterlife All Star Game!