2005 Emmy Awards Pre-Show Facts & Fun Stuff

Don’t miss it:
Sunday, Sept. 18th at 8pm Eastern on CBS
(…if you’ve got nothing better to do, that is)

Ellen Degeneres

“You know me, any excuse to put on a dress.”

(…I dig her — she’ll surely make the show interesting)

(well, the only ones I’M interested in seeing)

  • Debra Messing …I always get her mixed up with Joely Fisher
  • Jon Stewart …love the fact that he’s so “real”

My interest in awards shows has always been that of a disinterested non-TV watching bystander. If it’s on, I’ll watch. If it’s not, I’ll never remember to turn it on.

Though I HAVE always wanted to try something FUN with an awards show that I’ve heard other couples do…

FUN Things To Do When Award Shows Are On TV
It goes something like this…

Invite a bunch of friends over and “bet” on the winners (well, kind of). First, make sure everyone has a list of the nominees for all categories at least 48 hours prior to the show. (Thankfully, these are available online.)

The night of the awards show on TV, everyone shows up at with their ballots completed for each individual award. From there, all eyes are on the TV screen with “prizes” awarded throughout the night based on who picks the winners from various categories correctly. Fun, right?

Yeah, well I haven’t done it yet. So you’ll probably find me sitting ringside in front of my TV alone again this year.

Another FUN thing I might try…
I recently read a piece Jimmy Kimmel wrote for Oprah’s magazine where he play-by-played (kind of) the entire Oscar Awards Show. He only talked about the highlights as HE saw them… which were VERY funny. It was a refreshing summary of an otherwise boring awards show from a different point of view. WAY cool…

A few lines from Jimmy Kimmel’s highlights (I made up the times):

4:11pm – We arrived at our friends’ house. Last time they had a party, there was a shooting outside. Through I’m not wearing a tux, I am wearing a bullet-proof cumberbund just in case.”

6:03pm – Beyonce sings in French with a boys choir. By the end of the song, they’re a men’s choir.

7:48pm – I’m sure he’s great, but seriously why must Yo Yo Ma perform at every Academy Awards show? Isn’t that the reason we have PBS?

Here’s another example. Similar, but different.

So, maybe I’ll try my hand at something like that for the upcoming Emmy Awards Show on September 18th… who knows?

— > If you’re interested, you can find a million and one places on the ‘Net where people are “live blogging” award shows.

Now, for an idea of what you can expect to see on Sept 18th…

About The Nominations…
Until now, had you even heard about any of the nominations? I hadn’t. Turns out, nominations were announced on July 14th. There were 434 nominations received in 88 categories!

It’s kinda interesting to see the breakdown by channel/network:

  • HBO (93)
  • CBS (59)
  • NBC (54)
  • ABC (51)
  • Fox (49)
  • PBS (23)
  • Showtime (17)
  • A&E (10)

… all others submitted fewer than 10 episodes/programs each.

The 2005 Emmy’s Will Be Interactive…
Play Along With “Emmy Idol”

That’s right, the Emmy Awards show has made the switch, adding more “reality TV” and “call-in-and-vote” components to the live television show. Specifically, they’re holding an on-air contest in tribute to TV’s favorite theme songs.

Throughout the show, in an “American Idol” kind of way, top TV and music stars (William Shatner, Megan Mullally, Donald Trump — to name a few) will sing classic television theme songs. Then, during the live broadcast, viewers can log onto CBS.com to vote (or text message their vote) for their favorite of the theme songs performed during “Emmy Idol.” The winner will be announced toward the end of the broadcast.

According to the press release:

Grammy Award-winning groups The Black Eyed Peas and Earth Wind & Fire will open the broadcast asking “Do you remember?” with their performance of Earth, Wind & Fire’s great hit, “September.” The song, aptly named for the longtime broadcast date of the Primetime Emmy Awards and the traditional start of the fall television season, will accompany clips of some of this past season’s most memorable television moments.