Best Workout Videos Gone Wrong – Funny Accidents Caught On Tape!

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By Curtis

weightlifting-bloopers-by-jontunn1-jpg.webp The Internet is loaded with funny workout videos which highlight bloopers, accidents, and things gone wrong when exercising or training.

I’ve weeded through them and picked out the best workout videos gone wrong.

This collection of online videos is guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor laughing!

Included are:

Gym accidents

Weightlifting accidents

Gymnastics accidents

Pole dancing accidents

Treadmill accidents

And now for the funniest of all the best workout videos on the Internet…


No pain no gain, right?

While each person featured in these videos did indeed suffer a great deal of pain (if not to the body, then to the ego), most of the following videos are simply workouts gone wrong. Therefore, these are primarily funny videos rather than accidents that resulted in traumatic injury.



#1 Gym Accidents:


#2 Weightlifting Accidents:


#3 Gymnastics Accidents:


#4 Pole Dancing Accidents:


#5 Treadmill Accidents:


If only everyone could be as coordinated on the treadmill as these guys, right?