Some Movie Rentals… Don’t Waste Your Time

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In addition to watching “Mindhunters” at the theater, we also rented six (6!) movies this past week.

(Yeah, we see a LOT of movies!)

Unfortunately, we pretty much wasted our time on the rentals.

For the record, here are some movie rentals you might want to avoid (and one that’s so-so)…

Closer movie starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and Clive Owen.
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Closer” — I’d heard it “pushed the envelope” on relationships. It’s true. Starts WAY slow. Goes nowhere fast. Hard to determine the plot. Then it just gets weird.

Our summary: a downer. You’re basically following the lives of 4 messed up, depressed people who cheat on their partners at every turn. There’s no happy ending here…

The Door In The Floor movie starring Jeff Bridges and Kim Bassinger.
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The Door In The Floor” — Based on two “thumbs up” from reviewers Ebert & Roper late one night while channel surfing… this movie blows. Another demented family, where the husband and wife both break a series of social norms — while separated from each other. Infidelity is the theme again in this one. It’s supposed to be a deep, psychological movie. I guess it was that. Deep enough that I just didn’t appreciate it.

Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason movie starring Renee Zellweger.
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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason” — (I’ll admit, the whole Kenny Chesney/Renee Zellweger thing got me on this one. By the way, my theory: He married her to cover up the fact that he’s really GAY!… just a theory.)

Okay, back to the movie…
Sucked! She’s a very good actress. I don’t mind watching her in any of the movies she’s been in (more than you think!). But, according to Jim, she shoulda just stopped after “You had me at Hello” with Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire

The Sea Inside movie.
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The Sea Inside” — We lost interest in this one early… those darned subtitles! I picked it because it’s based on a true story. Supposed to be about a Spaniard who fought a 30-year campaign in favor of his right to die with dignity and the two women who try to change his life… Could’ve been interesting, but too slow in the beginning to hold our attention. We checked out early on this one.

Blind movie.
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Blind” — Okay, in fairness, I should’ve checked my trusty Yahoo movie reviews first… only ONE person has even critiqued this movie, and they gave it an “F”! Rarely does a movie get so few reviews, and hardly EVER does a movie get such a poor grade. We couldn’t even sit through more than 5 minutes of this one.

The cover sounded good…
“In pursuit of a serial killer that has terrified his community, Detective Richard Larson has discovered he has an uncanny edge in this case, but it is not a pleasant one. A seemingly psychic ability allows him to see the crimes and their victims before they actually happen, leaving him with definitive clues as to the killer’s identity, but deeply troubled by indelible images of the victims’ horror. Detective Larson finds his journey to the truth riddled with startling personal revelations and troublesome secrets in this thrilling, edgy mystery.”

Mean Creek movie.
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Mean Creek” — Fortunately, this one saved the day. I’d liken it to a modern-day “Stand By Me” (with a different twist), this one was bearable.

We both kinda liked it. But nothing great. A simple story with a complicated twist — for the teenagers involved anyway.

—> Now, check out some of our FAVORITE movies!


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