Strange & Funny Things

This category of articles is where it all began here at The Fun Times Guide. We started sharing strange and funny things… and we haven’t stopped! From funny videos to funny pictures and everything in between.

VIDEO: Dad Catches Foul Ball, Daughter Throws It Back!

The best part for both dad and daughter… not only was this video shown on TV news and sports programs all across America, but now it’s also making the rounds on the Internet! Their 15 minutes of fame brought smiles to millions of people today.

List Of Real Men Of Genius Commercials

Many thanks to Gregg K. who sent us the latest list of Bud Light Real Men of Genius commercials, including various regional appearances for RMOG radio and TV spots.The years of release are listed, as well.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This photo of the FCUK store was taken in the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta Canada. It stands for French Connection UK. The mall is one of the hugest, most interesting malls that I’ve ever been in. It was built to compete with the Mall of America — which we also visited on this trip.